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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 7, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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♪ tonight, ben affleck's new girlfriend revealed. what we just found out about the mystery blond. have they been close for years? then, inside blake and gwen's romantic road trip. ♪ like a ball and chain >> plus julianne hough, maks and peta's dueling weddings. then, why celine is striking bizarre poses in paris. plus, salma hayek on her massage from hell. >> oh, my god. >> i know it's terrifying.
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now, for july 7th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> ben affleck has a new girlfriend, two years after his split from jennifer garner. what we know about her and the interesting way they met. >> we just saw jen hanging with ben this weekend. so, who is this new woman? what was she doing at affleck's bachelor pad? and has she already met the kids? "e.t." has confirmed she is 37-year-old lindsay shookus. she was spotted outside his brentwood bachelor pad just two months after ben and general filed for divorce. today, jen is keeping quiet about lindsay, a longtime producer at "saturday night live." a source tells "e.t." ben and lindsay starting dating after ben and general separated and met a couple years ago when he was on "snl". >> lindsay knows the hollywood world, what is expected about their relationship. it puts ben at ease knowing she
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understands how it is. lindsay was at l.a.x. this morning, after spending time at ben's house. the new couple was seen sharing a date night in london. questions are swirling about lindsay's life before ben. she was married to kevin miller and they thought she was still married when the season ended in may. she has a 4-year-old daughter, but said ben is all about his children first. he always will be. ben and jen care deeply for their families. >> my source tells me, if they meet, the situation will be dealt with very delicately. >> that's something we love about ben, his devotion to his children. and we hope to see him soon. comicon kicks off in san diego in two weeks.
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and gwen showed up at blake shelton's concert again, and they made it a family affair. ♪ sometimes the pleasure ain't worth the strain ♪ gwen and blake were hanging with family on their way to the show. having a blast on blake's tour bus. if you ever wonder where gwen is during the show, she has the best seat in the house, right in the wings. from the couple that makes music together to the duo that works out together. and j-rod spotted hitting the gym again. he carried the towels. looked like j.lo went right from shooting "shades of blue," rocking the curls. later she switched it up with a slicked back bun for their dinner date. finally, ciara's anniversary surprise for russell wilson. >> can you read it? >> the singer and her nfl quarterback husband celebrated their one-year anniversary with
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their son and daughter. in mexico. >> happy one year, baby. yay! i love you. >> congratulations to them. >> and what are the chances of two big "dancing with the stars"' weddings happening on the same weekend? >> i know right. >> well cameron mathson is here with details. >> peta let us in on the big plans. >> i just wanted to have the most spectacular day. or three days, we have three days of partying. >> maks and peta's i dos will take place -- julianne and brooks will wed in california. >> i have lots of family members. they'll all be incorporated somehow. >> her brother derek will play a part, and plans to give a speech. >> i'm excited. i'm excited, you know. it's my baby sister getting
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married. it will be a week long event. it's going to be amazing. >> and maks' brother val will also be participating. the couple's six month old son shea has a special role as ring bearer. >> i'm hoping he'll be sleeping. it is my day. >> how did the dancing pro end up sharing their day? maks and peta booked the date before shai was born. julianne and brooks had to get married in july or august because of the hockey schedule. what about the guest list? derek says it wasn't an issue. >> different friends, different groups. >> and mark ballas and his wife are attending julianne's wedding. nick niall and his fiance and several pros will party with maks and peta. both brides have been sweating
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for the wedding. peta turning her workouts into a family affair. she says she'll have two dresses for sure. as for julianne's must have. >> this is obvious. best dance floor ever. >> and her soon to be husband had a request of his own. >> he wanted to do a first dance, and have it be a special thing. >> so, expect epic dancing at both, and a whole lot of love. >> he's the love of my life, and that's it. >> that is a beautiful thing. >> a source says peta is worried about the other love of her life, son shai. she's nervous he will be crying through most of the ceremony. >> and george clooney, now with two loves of his life. we just obtained the twins' birth certificates. his son alexander, born two minutes before his older sister, ella. and michael buble put his career on hold when his son was diagnosed with cancer.
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now michael's wife is giving us an update on noah's recovery. >> this touching photo shows his wife caressing noah's foot. posting in spanish, her words roughly translate to time stops. there's nothing like a mother's pamper. >> you are scared all the time. you love him so much. you can't ever think of a world without them. ♪ >> michael and his wife revealed noah's devastating cancer diagnosis last november. the 3-year-old completed months of chemotherapy. in a statement in february, buble said the doctors are optimistic about the future for our little boy. the 41-year-old put his career on hold when his son got sick. he made an emotional return last week. he received a national art center award in canada choking
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up when talking about his family. >> there are no words to describe how i feel about you. sometimes i love you just isn't enough. >> our thoughts and prayers with his family. and noah has a big day coming up next month, turns 4 on august 2nd. >> i am 100% falling for those guys. it's been tough for bachelorette rachel, saying good-bye to six guys. monday her and the remaining guys hit switzerland. with four left, will there be peace? >> i didn't think my emotions would develop so quickly and strong for the men here. >> three will go on a group date, and the other, one-on-one. we know there won't be a rose ceremony. rachel will say good-bye to two of the guys. >> i'm looking to see whose relationship is progressing,
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moving forward. >> things are moving forward with brian, with a coveted one-on-one date. and rachel can't seem to stop smiling. >> i'm blessed to meet you, to be here. i'm just so happy. >> i love that. i'm so happy you're here. >> the dallas lawyer also took peter on a romantic date. dog sledding. >> it's a dream, peter wrapping his arms around me, in the middle of the swiss alps. it was such a beautiful experience. >> but things don't seem to be going as well for dean, having trouble opening up. >> what's your favorite dinosaur? >> daen. i love spending time with dean. >> i feel like sometimes our relationship lacks the depth and seriousness i have with other relationships. >> do you believe in fairies? >> oek
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>> dean has no depth? no. we've got a month before we find out which guy puts the ring on her finger. the finale, august 7th on abc. >> i think because it's the bachelorette she should be giving the ring and proposing. >> you know what, do it. coming up -- >> 3, 2, 1! >> behind the scenes with the shapeshifting rihanna on her new movie role. >> a lot of make up and hair changes. and judge judy's new game show. we have a sneak peek. >> what do you know. >> it's a family friendly show. plus -- why celine dion is trimming trees in paris.
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♪ must be love on the brain in addition to love, rihanna may have oscar on the brain. the singer vently said she would love to win the gold statue one day. she's doing more acting next summer. starring in "ocean's eight." and two weeks from now, we'll see her in "valerian," her
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sexiest role yet. >> i'm in the cabaret club, called the glam club. she's right away is an artist. she's performing. >> 3, 2, 1. go! >> here's what we know about her role as the shapeshifting alien named bubble. she's only in one seen which took six days to shoot. nine months of special effects work to perfect. we also know she morphs into at least five different looks, a cabaret singer, a catwoman, and a blob. >> definitely a lot of changes, and makeup changes, and a lot of hair changes. the one that took the longest, probably the cleopatra look. >> are you sure you know what you're doing? >> valerian, trust me. >> the movie was shot on a sound stage in paris.
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we're told even shoe rihanna arrived with her even to your knowledge she kicked them off the set when it was time to work. rihanna earned the respect of our co-stars. >> we have to talk about rihanna in this movie. >> i would tell people what i was going to paris to do, they were really jealous. their jaws were on the floor. >> it's an iconic bit. >> it's incredible. >> we just saw cara in her other role, supporting paris models. and what is celine dion doing in the dirt? details about her dramatic new performance in paris. plus, why tiffani thiessen's new role is stressing her out. and salma's naked surprise. >> you were not wearing shorts.
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mmmm. so areers are the veggies.hs) that one is mine. nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'! ♪ >> celine. celine. this week, celine dion has become the darling of paris fashion week. we've seen her at the dior show and even flaunting her fashion on a hotel balcony.
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>> and stripped down for "vogue." now she's all covered up, and going downright dirty. channeling a flamenco dancer, tossing the dirt in the air, all dressed in a dramatic dior koe tour suit. turning a dirt courtyard into her own catwalk, celine struts with flare telling "vogue," i wanted to be treated as a model. ♪ my heart will go on and on celine is still in paris, performing on her european tour. it's been 17 months since losing her husband to cancer, and seems like she's embracing life fully, and savoring every moment. hugging a tree. looking sky ward. she climbs up on a ladder, making ballet moves and trims the tree with giant clippers.
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i've noticed celine's joyful light these days. she just can't seem to stop singing. ♪ >> and for her paris photo shoot finale, she struck a pose just like the famous french statue, the thinker. bravo madam. >> i think it might be safe to say this is a sign of celine we haven't seen before. >> she's having a ball in paris, but doesn't actually have a home there. she does have a place in vegas, where she will continue her residency at cesar's paris. >> salma hayek has a home in paris and salma has quite a story about living overseas about when she tried to calm down with a massage. >> i open my eyes, and i see horrible feet with fungus,
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overgrown calluses and hair and i was like yuck. >> she tells chelsea handler how the guy had a kinky surprise. >> i was almost naked, and he's like, you know, leaning in there. >> i know what you're talking about. >> i was like, excuse me, but you're not wearing shorts. he was like, uh-huh. i'm like, dude, where are your pants? and he said, it's all off. >> why was he naked? did you ever get him to answer that question? >> he said some clients like it when he gives the massage naked. i said, wrong client. it's not what i asked for. >> salma plays a masseuse in "beatrice at dinner." >> beatrisa healer. >> are you better at giving massages or receiving them? >> i'm good at both, but i enjoy receiving them more.
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>> salma said she worked out her routine on her family. >> my daughter and husband keep me very busy. with the massages, sometimes i'm like this in the bedroom. but back to that austrian massage table which left her with no way out. >> you get up, you're completely exposed. when you and i run, it's very visual. >> oh my. and we have a story for you coming to "e.t." on monday, one of hollywood's go-to massage places. she really takes a serious bite. >> has kanye west gotten a bite? >> of course. he loved it. she's telling all about her celebrity clients including which pop star freaked out. >> monday on "e.t." it's crazy to think it's been nearly 25 years since tiffani thiessen was every schoolboy's crush.
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on "saved by the bell." but now, she's going back to tv on a sitcom. this time, she's playing a mom. "e.t." on-line got all the details. >> does it feel like a little bit of a full circle moment, on television as the mom of a teenager? >> it's a little panic moment for a second. i'm actually really excited. >> the 43-year-old mom of two, now an onscreen mom on the upcoming series for netflix. the series is called alex a and kate. >> it's a comedy, i play the mother of a teenage girl that is actually going through cancer. >> she was just 15 when she became famous on "saved by the bell." >> zach you can't know what this means to me. in the '90s, she was kelly, the high school sweetheart of zack morris played by mark paul gos lar. >> i have a special place in my heart for that show.
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i always will. >> she went on to join "beverly hills 90210." she played valerie malone. >> i'm home. >> i noticed. >> she's rookie. >> not for the show. i have been on shows for a while. >> the host of her own cooking show, working with the charity, feeding america. tiffany and her daughter help serve a meal to 100 el school kids. >> she loved it. she was loving it. >> that's good stuff. >> we'll be right back with her co-star, revealing a major crush on tv.
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that's a look at "candy crush," now a game show. debuts sunday on cbs. fan favorites from survivor and big brother will be facing off. and judge judy now throwing her gavel into the game show world. we have a sneak peek. >> good night, everybody. >> john hanson, asking people to recall things they've just seen. there's a 20 thousand dollars grand prize. would the show's creator ever compete? >> i'm not great, actually. i tend to see a very large picture, and don't get involved in the minutiae. i'm not so sure i'll be one of them. li
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one, are ben affleck and brad pitt already moving on after their divorces? >> a source tells us he's very happy.
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>> inside ben's new "snl" love connection. and what's the reason for brad's buff new look? could it be new love? then kesha's confession act the jerry seinfeld snub. >> i was thinking maybe i should stop trying to hug everyone. >> plus, why she's now opening up to me about one of the darkest periods in her life. then, is jay-z and beyonce's daughter getting into the family business? how blue ivy's little voice could land one big award. >> plus, your "insider" bonus. could there be a who's the boss 2.0. >> we talk about it all the time. >> how close are the micellis to coming back to tv? >> and who is the hip-hop super granny getting


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